Open Door Magazine

We need your help and support please!

Recently in the middle of August a few of us came together to discuss how we could further develop our church magazine. The church magazine is currently edited brilliantly by Wyn with few of us contributing. We are asking the church family to become more involved.If you are able to contribute – by writing an article, a poem, a book / television review or have taken a lovely photograph you would like to share please do forward to Wyn.

Over the next few months we will be introducing new sections such as:

  • a Children’s page
  • “Getting to know individuals within the Church family better”
  • and a postcard from holiday.

We look forward to seeing everyone’s involvement.

If you would like to chat about any of this further, have any ideas; please feel free to come speak  to either one of us…

Shelagh, Peter, Wyn, Hannah Turberville, Esther or Catherine.

Meanwhile we would like to give you the opportunity to explore this month’s Open Door online:

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