We are pleased to support #add3minutes

As we go into the autumn/winter we thought it would be timely to ask you to cascade a safe driving message to everyone…….

Now that the summer is over, we would like to remind everyone that grazing animals – ponies, cows, sheep, donkeys – and pigs that will be out have right of way on all unfenced roads across the Forest. You may be late for work or the school run, but driving too fast for the conditions will only save you a few minutes – and may result in a distressing accident. Please give them space and #add3minutes.

And remember that roads are shared spaces. All road users – pedestrians, cyclists, horse riders and motorists have equal rights on the roads and should respect and look out for each other. The majority of roads across the open Forest have no footpaths, nor even space for people or animals to seek refuge, so please drive with care and consideration of all other road users.

For more information contact: www.newforestcommoners.com

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